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M A Horne Tyre Tec England Ltd, supplies tyre warmers and tyre heaters for both the four wheel GP teams and the motor-cycle world. These are used by many top teams including Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. Tyre heaters and tyre warmers are an invaluable tool in the world of motor racing.

M A Horne tyre warmers on a 2004 Ferrari

Tubes serving desalination plants in Kuwait and even an "electric blanket" for a concrete structure for the Chinese are also created in the Verwood workshops. The company is also active in the rally world, supplying equipment for export to Sweden, Finland and Belgium. In addition, the firm supplies warming covers for outboard engines, which must be ready for use at any time in cold climates. They even provide heaters for top skiers to pre- heat their skis with and helped a famous Frenchman to capture a speed record of 149mph recently! The firm has a workforce of ten

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